5 Best Pomodoro Timer Notion Widgets with Templates (2024)

Pomodoro is a time management technique used to stay motivated and focused in a work. It is designed to minimize your stress and worries while maximizing your output.

The technique involves a 25-minute period of work and another 5 minutes of breakā€”a total of 30 minutes in a section. You can use this technique to work as many sessions as you want to work.

In your Notion dashboard, you can use this timer to focus on your work. In this post, we will see some of the best notion pomodoro timer notion widgets.

How to use it: Go to the website, copy the widget link, and paste as embed into your Notion page. Here is the full tutorial.

Pomodoro Timer Notion Widget

Aesthetics Pomodoro Timer

Get the widget here

Studywithme Pomodoro timer is an aesthetic notion widget which has a Spotify playlist link, 25 minutes of Pomodoro, a short break, a long break, and a setting to change the theme. You can use this beautiful timer widget.

Pomodoro Timer By Notion Avenue

Get the widget here

This is a minimalist design timer widget design with a clean interface that you can use. it also has short breaks, long breaks, and settings to change the background and theme.

Flocus Pomodoro

Get the widget here

This is a dark-themed Pomodoro widget you can use if you are using a dark-theme notion dashboard to keep the feel and look of the notion dashboard.

Pomodoro ToDO

Get the widget here

This is a simple timer with start and stop buttons with a simple background if you like it you can use it for your Notion dashboard.


Get the widget here

Animedoro is an anime-styled Pomodoro timer widget that you can use with a Spotify link, setting to change to different anime themes.

Pomodoro Timer Notion Templates

There are a few Pomodoro timer notion templates that you can use with the Pomodoro widget to keep track of your sessions and a dashboard to manage your working hours.

Tomato: Pomodoro Notion Template

Get the template here

This is a Pomodoro notion template that helps you track your Pomodoro sessions and gives you a daily summary. task list, targets, and many more things. This is a highly recommended template to keep your sessions tracked.

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