6 Best Notion Weather Widgets of 2024

Tracking your weather conditions is crucial when traveling or working in different places. Notion weather widgets help you add weather forecasts to your notion page.

In this post, we will see some of the best notion weather widgets that you can use in your notion dashboard.

Indify Weather Widget

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This weather widget shows the cloud conditions, and the weather forecast of the week to keep track of your week’s weather conditions.


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This notion widget is similar to the previous widget which shows the week’s weather forecast in a dim background.


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The windy weather forecast shows a map of different places and their weather condition, in this way, you can visualize different weather conditions.


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This weather widget shows the previous three days’ weather conditions in a small box. This helps you organize your Notion dashboard.

WidgetBox Clock Widgets

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WeatherWidgets has different weather widgets and they look aesthetically good. You can add these widgets to your notion pages.

Weather Square

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This is a minimal dark weather widget you can add to your dark Notion background.

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