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7 Best Notion Templates By Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank is one the largest creators in the personal development and productivity space with over 3M subscribers on YouTube.

Thomas also has a Notion-specific YouTube channel with 200k subscribers.

He is also creating Notion templates and working on a cool Notion web clipper called Flylighter. He made more than 1 million dollars selling Notion templates and let’s see what are the best notion templates he has to offer.

Premium Notion Templates by Thomas Frank

Ultimate Brain – Second Brain For Notion

Get the template here

Price: $129

Ultimate Brain

Ultimate Brain by Thomas Frank is a very popular Notion template for the ultimate productivity system and second brain for Notion.

You can easily take notes, and add tasks, projects, and goals for your life. It will turn your Notion into an all-in-one productivity system that has a task manager, note-taker, and planner. You can use this Notion template at the price of $129.

Creator’s Companion: The Ultimate Template for Content Creators

Get the template here

Price: $149

Creator's Companion

Creator’s Companion is another popular Notion template for content creators. You can use this Notion template for your YouTube channel and blogs like Thomas Frank uses.

It brings everything from ideas, topics, research, and scripting to publishing your content online.

Free Notion Templates by Thomas Frank

Ultimate Tasks

Get the template here

Price: Free

Ultimate Tasks

Ultimate Tasks is a free task management Notion template that will help you create and manage projects.

It includes a master task dashboard with smart views of Today, tomorrow, Next 7 days, and more. You can create sub-tasks, task priorities, and recurring tasks to manage your tasks.

Ultimate Notes

Get the template here

Price: Free

Ultimate Notes for Notion

Ultimate Notes is a note-taking template that helps you to easily capture notes, web clips,, and tags system to keep your notes organized.

You can find the most accessed notes on favorite and recent sections of the template.

PARA Dashboard

Get the template here

Price: Free

PARA dashboard

This template is based on the PARA system of organizing all your information. PARA is an organizing system that divides into Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archive.

Ultimate Habit tracker

Get the template here

Price: Free

Habit Tracker for Notion

This is a simple habit tracker based on Zig Ziglar’s “Pick Four” workbook. Each week you will get a new habit tracker page, allowing you to track your habits.

Over time, you will be able to scroll through the previous week and see your progress.

Expense Tracker

Get the template here

Price: Free

Expense Tracker Template

This is a free expense tracker template that you can use to track all your recurring expenses in your business and never get blindfolded by a recurring expense.

With this expense tracker, you can see the monthly cost for each expense from the annual expense.

Video Project Tracker

Get the template here

Price: Free

Video Producer Template

This is a simple Notion template that you can use to create and publish YouTube videos. With this template, you can track, and have an editorial calendar, research notes, scripts, and other elements required to create a professional YouTube video.

Final Words

Thomas Frank’s templates are really useful and go in-depth of templates. It uses possible Notion formulas and methods to bring an effective Notion template. You can learn more about Notion on his YouTube channel and try a free Notion template.

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