How to Create Columns in Notion

Columns let you separate your content in Notion.

You can categorize by any type to navigate and find relevant information easily. Making columns in notion is very easy. Here in this post, we will learn how you can make columns.

Here are the steps to create columns in notion.

Method 1 – Using Drag and Drop

1. Create a new page (optional)

First, create a new page. If you want to use it as an existing page then you can use it as the tutorial below goes. You don’t need to create a new page.

columns in notion

2. Write text that will appear on columns

Write the text you want to appear in the first column and write the column. You can leave the second column black also. For the tutorial, I have created 2 columns.

3. Drag and Drop the column to right

Drag and drop like shown in the picture to the right to align with the first column.

drag and drop column

4. Repeat to make extra columns

If you want to make extra columns, you can repeat the same process of drag and drop. Then, in each column, you can add a heading, background color, emojis, etc.

multiple columns in notion

Method 2 – Using Column Blocks

You can also add columns using blocks. It is predefined and you can add up to 5 columns. If you want to add more than 5 columns, use the drag-drop method.

First, you need to type “/column” and you will see many options. Then click on the required column option and make columns.

column block in notion

Benefits of using columns in Notion

There are many benefits of using columns like separation between content, easy navigation, organization, good layout, and many more.

  • Columns help you to organize your information and different sections with categories.
  • It helps you effectively use the horizontal space with wider screens.
  • It also helps you in better task management, you can create different stages of tasks like to-do. doing, done, or create kanban boards.
  • You can customize your view and implement different blocks like text, images and database.

Wrapping Up…

Columns help you organize your content, have different sections on a single page, and make pages aesthetically beautiful and appealing.

So this is the guide for creating columns in notion with 2 methods, some people wrote another method with Notion AI, but I can’t create that if someone can create columns with prompts, please tell us.

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